Bog mats

A solid foundation for every project.

3 to 12-metre bog mats

Plaisier BV offers a wide range of bog mats in various lengths and thicknesses. You can come to us for the rental of single bog mats up to multi-meter lengths, the perfect foundation for every project. We offer dragline mats from 3 to 12 metres long, which provide a solid foundation for poor substrates, pipelines, pressure distributions and overhangs. Our bog mats offer:

  • High quality hardwood.
  • Large quantities available directly.
  • Suitable dimensions for every project.
  • Delivery and placement optional.
Draglineschotten Plaisier


Dragline mats are thick wooden beams that are mainly used in foundation techniques, pipelines, utility construction, offshore, infrastructure and demolition works. All Plaisier BV trucks and drivers are inspected and certified to deliver road plates and bog mats to refineries. Consequently, you are not required to arrange the transport, Plaisier BV takes everything off your hands.

Bog mats are used, among other things, as a basis for the installation of bridges and constructions, as pressure distribution for heavy transport over a pipeline, crane tracks and piling rigs. The bog mats form a solid foundation for heavy equipment to safely transport large quantities of raw materials and equipment. The crane mats protect the subsurface from heavy transport and make the terrain passable. The bog mats also lend themselves perfectly to temporary supply, discharge and access roads.


The dragline mats are made exclusively from the best quality hardwood, such as azobé and greenheart. These are two of the hardest types of hardwood and will last for years. This makes this material extremely suitable for the production of dragline sleepers.

Rent hardwood bulkheads

Would you like to rent dragline mats? Plaisier BV rents out mats in various sizes from 3 to 12 metres long and in a range of thicknesses. The hardwood bog mats promote safety and form a solid foundation for any construction project.

Would you like to get straight to work on your project? You can count on Plaisier BV. We deliver the dragline mats quickly to your location and can also provide installation, enabling you to commence works right away! Plaisier BV delivers bog directly from stock. Check our rental rates for an up-to-date overview of the conditions and costs.

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